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International Student Leaders

International Student Leaders (ISL) work with the International Students & Scholars Office to help assist current and new international students. Your ISL is here to help you with academics, involvement, and student life. They also work towards advocating inclusion on campus through aiding the International Student & Scholars Office with cultural programs, events, and activities.


Display image of Koyo Araki

Koyo Araki

International Student Leader

Major: Accounting

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Hobbies: I love reading manga

Instagram: koyo.utahtech.io

Display image of Cristina De La Vieja

Cristina De La Vieja

International Student Leader

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Hometown: Madrid, Spain

Hobbies: Enjoys rhythmic gymnastics, traveling, cheerleading,

Instagram: tina.utahtech.international

Display image of Rin Nakamichi

Rin Nakamichi

International Student Leader

Major: Exercise Science

Hometown: Yokohama, Japan

Hobbies: I am an active person who enjoys working out, play sports and outdoor activities.




Display image of Hayato Kikuchi

Hayato Kikuchi

International Student Leader

Major: Business Management

Hometown: Hokkaido, Japan

Hobbies:  traveling, sports (soccer, skiing, etc.)

Instagram: hayato.utahtech.international

Display image of David Molina Gerboles

David Molina Gerboles

International Student Leader

Major: Computer Science

Hometown: Madrid, Spain

Hobbies: Play sports like volleyball, traveling, and spend time with family and friends


Display image of Aaron Romero Calvo

Aaron Romero Calvo

International Student Leader

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Fuenlabrada, Spain

Hobbies: Play soccer, try new foods, read and go on night walks.

Instagram: aaron.utahtech.international

Display image of Asako Yoshida

Asako Yoshida

International Student Leader

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Kumamoto, Japan

Hobbies: I love camping, watching K-dramas, and playing with cats.

Instagram: asako.utahtech.international

Display image of Paulina Sansores

Paulina Sansores

International Student Leader

Major: Business Management

Hometown: Mexico

Hobbies: I love hanging out with friends, hiking & swimming






International Students & Scholars Office

Email: iss@utahtech.edu

Phone: 435-879-4687

Office: Student Activity Center (SAC), 106